Producers and Exporters

of Oranges

In case of oranges, the early ripeness of some varieties makes the marketing start halfway through the month of October, as it occurs with the Navelina, one of the most premature and with greater taste. This is followed by Navel, which navel gives its name and it is a variety where the combination of acidity and sweetness has better contrast. Smaller and later is the Navel-Late, which produces a large volume of sweet juice.

Also, in late January, reached the Salustiana ripening, with a rich and aromatic flavor is ideal for the average season. In the middle of April, well into spring, comes the Valencia-Late, a very fragrant, juicy and with few seeds orange. The acidity and the quantity of sugar in the juice are well balanced, but before the fruit is fully ripe is quite acid.


• Navelina
• Navel
• Navel‐Late
• Late Valencia
• Salustiana

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