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To continue with our special posts about vegetables, today the zucchini has the most prominence. This delicious vegetable is composed mostly of water, to be exact about a 95% in total. Thanks to its high-water content, the zucchini has very few calories, however, it contains a high number of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. High quality vegetable production, such as zucchini, is essential to sustain our Mediterranean diet and the healthy dishes that we can make with this vegetable. We recommend eating this ingredient raw or steamed, to maintain all its properties. It is also highly recommended not to remove the skin that covers the vegetable, since this one has the highest number of nutrients.

The properties of the zucchini

One of the main properties is therapeutic. Thanks to its composition, this vegetable significantly benefits the immune system, since it protects the body from infections. Thanks to its high-water content, zucchini is a great diuretic that helps prevent urinary system infections. We must not forget its laxative and depurative properties thanks to its high fiber content, and it also helps protects the skin thanks to its wound healing action. The large vegetable suppliers such as CINATUR recommend the daily consumption of this vegetable to benefit from all the healing properties that it offers.

What is the nutritional composition of the zucchini?

As we mentioned before, the main composition of this Mediterranean vegetable is water, followed by multiple vitamins and minerals. For 100 grams, the nutritional content is the following one:

  • Water: 94%.
  • Carbs: 2 grams.
  • Fiber: 1.6 grams.
  • Proteins: 1.88 grams.
  • Fat: 0.5 grams.
  • Calcium: 21.51 milligrams.
  • Potassium: 230 milligrams.

Zucchini’s growing period

The zucchini, as well as the eggplant, begins to grow in September until June. This period includes the spring months and the cold months of winter, which is the best time to have hot dishes such as creams or stews with quality vegetables. In CINATUR we take care of the vegetable distribution after its collection, so that the product arrives in the best possible conditions for the final consumer.

CINATUR’s TIP: irresistible zucchini recipe

To finish our special vegetable post, we want to share with you a recipe to sweeten any day of the year. Zucchini brownies are a dish that you will love, as it is not especially sweet, but it is perfect for vegans, light, juicy and fluffy. For the ingredients you will only need 220 grams of grated zucchini, 180 grams of brown sugar, 125 milligrams of neutral oil, 25 grams of pure cocoa powder, 100 grams of white flour and another 100 grams of wholemeal, 1 teaspoon and a half of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla, a pinch of salt and 3 tablespoons of dark chocolate chips. The preparation is the same as a normal brownie just adding the grated zucchini. Without a doubt, this is a dessert that will surprise everyone.

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