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Cinatur Group

Cinatur Group is a consortium of companies from the Valencian Community dedicated to the production and export of citrus around the world.

Cinatur Group produces and exports fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, including: citrus fruits, stone fruits, melon, watermelon, berries and the most selected vegetables.

From the fields of Spain to the most demanding markets

Conventional products

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Learn first-hand about our business activity and find out more about our production and its most important qualities.

Los cítricos locales, garantía de calidad internacionalUncategorized
28 de July de 2023

Local citrus, international quality guarantee

The current complicated situation experienced by many local citrus producers due to the importation of products from other countries, and the price conflict that implies, has received an important boost in…
La pera,una fruta con sabor dulce y extraordinarias propiedades nutricionalesUncategorized
28 de July de 2023

The pear, a fruit with sweet flavor and extraordinary nutritional properties

For most of the year we can enjoy the sweet taste of the pear. Fruit of the Rosaceae family can be found in different ways, from a more rounded shape to…
Las mandarinas, un cítrico de otoño ideal para consumir a diarioUncategorized
26 de July de 2023

Tangerines, an ideal autumn citrus for daily consumptio

In autumn, with the beginning of the cold weather, rains and sudden changes in temperature, it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in vitamins. Tangerines are the perfect citrus to…
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