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The current complicated situation experienced by many local citrus producers due to the importation of products from other countries, and the price conflict that implies, has received an important boost in one of the main international events in this industry: Berlin’s Fruit Logistica. There, international markets, especially from Asia and North America, have shown great interest in local citrus. One of the main sources of discord with citrus fruits imported from regions such as South Africa is the leve lof demand for controls.

The quality of the product and the inspections to which it is submitted are in question, which generates a controversial situation with local products regarding the competition. But, in this fight, the local citrus redoubles their commitment to what is their true differential factor: quality. A product that does not seek to compete in a price struggle to the downside, but to seduce the most demanding markets with higher levels of quality, ensuring not only the taste that will reach the consumer, but food safety certified by the main ISO quality standards.

Local citrus fruits are internationally recognized for their quality and prestige: the certifications and the promotion made to buyers of leading markets mean that, every time a door is closed, a window can be opened. In fact, the administration has detected the situation generated by the price war and imports, and measures are prepared to balance the problem.

The Government is considering introducing tax and liquidity measures to enforce the economic muscle of farmers and producers, which is in distress due to the situation: legislation allows South Africa to introduce its products in the European Union with hardly any tariffs. With these aids, and with a product that stands out for its quality despite price conflicts, local citrus fruits are claimed as a synonymous of quality and attractiveness.

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