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In autumn, with the beginning of the cold weather, rains and sudden changes in temperature, it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in vitamins. Tangerines are the perfect citrus to consume every day thanks to its high content of nutrients, which will help you have a good health. This refreshing fruit is characterized by its high content of vitamin C, needed to help maintain our body’s defenses at adequate levels to fight colds or the dreaded flu virus. Tangerines are an essential fruit in the Mediterranean diet and are ideal to take between meals or include them in our main dishes to give it a sweet touch. In CINATUR we are fruit suppliers in each season and mandarin is one of our flagship products. These citrus fruits are very consumed in our country and quality is a priority attribute.

Properties of tangerines

As we have mentioned before, tangerines are rich in vitamin C and A and also, they contained nutrients such as flavonoids, folic acid and potassium. Its high content of beneficial substances makes this autumn citrus a perfect antioxidant and prevents several infections. Constipation and anemia are two disorders that are also diminished thanks to the properties that this fruit gives us. In terms of content, tangerines are composed of 88% water and provide approximately 2 grams of fiber per serving.

The cultivation time of tangerines

As fruit distributors and especially tangerines, in CINATUR we are concerned about the cultivation times of this citrus. We take into account the different varieties that we produce so that we can always offer a quality seasonal product. We highlight the varieties Satsuma, Clementina and Clemenvilla, whose production takes place in the months of autumn.

The star recipe of CINATUR

Las mandarinas, un cítrico de otoño ideal para consumir a diario

Surprise your guests this holiday season with an original and tasty dessert: tangerines in syrup and chocolate. You will need 2 tangerines cut into thin slices (1.5cm), 1 cinnamon stick, cloves, 300g of sugar, 150ml of water and melted chocolate. Boil the slices for 2 minutes in a pot with a tablespoon of coffee and another of baking soda to eliminate acidity. Drain well and place in another pot where the syrup has previously been prepared (mixing the rest of the ingredients). Cook for 50 minutes, remove, let dry and finally, give them a chocolate bath. Delicious!

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