Producers and Exporters

of Tangerines

Tangerines are one of the highest quantity products that Cinatur Group works with. With over a dozen varieties, tangerine becomes one of the corner stones of our production.

With early ripeness as Marisol or Oronules, or which purchase their peak in March, as Ortanique or Fortuna, tangerine offers us a large diversity in the calendar.

Some highly valued for their low acidity level, such as Satsuma or Okitsu, others for the quality of the fruit, good and sweet, as Arrufatina or Clemenules.

Excellent flavor and extremely tender flesh define the Esbal, while Clemenvilla, has a thin flesh, very fibrous and high volume of juice, sweet and aromatic.

Fortuna for its balanced flavor, of sugar and acidity, becomes a fruit with a special attraction for the consumer. For its part, Clemenules maintains ideal conditions for an extended period, it is the most popular variety of tangerines in Spain.


• Marisol
• Satsuma
• Hernandina
• Okitsu
• Esbal
• Ortanique

• Fortuna
• Clemenvilla
• Oroval
• Clemenules
• Ellendale
• Arrufatina