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At CINATUR we prepare a large part of our production of fruits and vegetables to export worldwide. As fruits and vegetables exporters, we have essential requirements so are fruit and vegetables arrive in good conditions and to maintain the same appearance with which they were distributed. To be successful in the export of fruits and vegetables we must take into account the trend of the recipient market. If we focus on export in Europe, this trend is very positive, because thanks to recent interest in well-being and body care, the European citizens have increased their consumption of both fruits and vegetables.

In short, the consumption of healthy foods has increased. This inclination for healthy and quality food forces us to introduce continuous improvements in our export system. In addition, this trend has also led to a sharp increase in fruit exporters and vegetable exporters from various countries, not just Spain. In CINATUR we follow basic procedures to compete naturally with the rest of the exporting companies:

  • A correct management of the documentation of the fruits and vegetables that we export.
  • The processing of quality certificates that guarantee the healthy condition of our products.
  • Logistics control from our headquarters so that the product arrives in the same conditions with which it was packaged and shipped.
  • The hiring of a safe and efficient transportation company that takes care of the merchandise.

In addition to these conditions related to the procedure that we follow in CINATUR, we also comply with a series of basic aspects related to our product and the service that we offer to the international market:

  • We have our own supply system to supply whenever the market needs it.
  • We pack our fruits and vegetables considering the market demands.
  • We maintain our stock in suitable places to maintain the properties of our fruits and vegetables.
  • Our business strategy is clear and transparent.
  • We offer prices adapted to the market supply and demand.

At CINATUR we are always concerned about the health of our consumers and the care of the environment. These are the two aspects that we always take into account when producing and exporting fruits and vegetables.

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