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At CINATUR we are fruit and vegetable exporters and we know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect piece. You must consider two important things, the appearance, inside and outside, and the taste. As we already shared in a previous post how to choose the best fruit suppliers, in this one we want to help you identify the best foods for your own consumption with 5 keys to choose well seasonal fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet should include five pieces of fruit and vegetables daily.

The consumption of these foods is vital to have a healthy life, for this reason the choice is very important. The coldest time of the year has arrived and its also the time when our defenses are the lowest and must be fought with a high content of nutrients and vitamins. Fruits and vegetables provide us with the necessary quantities to cope with sufficient energy. Knowing this fact, which are the keys for choosing the perfect piece?

  • Create a weekly or monthly menu

To choose correctly the fruits and vegetables that you are going to consume, it is essential to plan a menu beforehand. This way you will buy fresher foods, knowing in advance the exact moment in which you are going to eat them. It is very important to know how long the food lasts and the maximum time that can remain in the fridge so that it does not get rotten. That is why we give the highest priority to the elaboration of a menu.

  • Touch every piece of fruit and vegetable

In the production of fruits and vegetables we are always concerned about the quality of the pieces. A final consumer has a wide variety to choose from, so touching the food you are going to buy is essential. The best piece will always be the one that feels the firmest.

  • Know the ripening time of each food

Each fruit and vegetable present a different period of maturation, also depending on which food you are storing them with, this data may vary. Remember to always keep them in a cold environment such as the refrigerator or the pantry.

  • Check the colors and the look

Each food has its color and its varieties. It is important to identify foods that are not ripe, as many of them have a different color.

  • Choose well the establishment where you make the purchase

It is very important to choose a trusted establishment that has a supplier specialized in fruit and vegetable production.

In CINATUR we care about offering the best quality product to our final consumer. Whenever you go to an establishment to buy these healthy foods the best thing to do is to be advised by the specialist. As fruit and vegetable suppliers we know that in most cases this will be the right person to advise on the choice of the final product. Our diet depends on the final product we consume and if we know that it has the best quality, don´t wait any longer and consume it.

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