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One of the most important factors in children’s health and also in adults is the nutrition. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help strengthen the immune system of the little ones and prevent certain diseases during their growth. Teaching good habits about the consumption of fruits and vegetables at a young age is the best way to make them get used to them from an early age.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the biggest concerns of the 21st century is childhood’s obesity, which affects the entire world. In 2016, more than 41 million children under the age of five were suffering from obesity. The main cause is the mismatch that occurs, in most cases, between calories consumed and burned, and this is something that must be taken care of imminently.

In CINATUR we are concerned about the increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables in children. The production and distribution of fruits and vegetables is the key to maintain a healthy diet, in addition to other recommendations such as promoting physical activity or carrying out regular weight control.

Disseminate the message: “5 a day”

Having a good vegetable and fruit supplier is essential to meet the five pieces of fruit and vegetables that must be consumed daily. This campaign was promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, along with the WHO and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as a measure against the detected low consumption. It is at this stage of life when children begin to establish their eating habits.

It is our responsibility to increase the consumption and reach at least 400 grams per day. A daily and simple routine that can be carried out is to include with each plate during lunch and dinner a garnish of varied vegetables and accustom them to have during breakfast, lunch and snack a piece of fruit. As we already talk about in previous publications, seasonal fruits and vegetables favor the variety and are perfect to accompany with each meal. Parents and schools play a fundamental role in the consumption of fruits and vegetables in children. Schools should include a minimum intake of these foods, rich in vitamins and minerals, in their daily menus. It is also important that they organize talks and workshops to discuss about nutrition education. In the family home, having healthy habits should be a priority.In this way, children learn at a very young age to eat healthy and will continue to do so during their growth.

A recommended practice is to have them help in the kitchen, during the meal preparations and going with them to the supermarket. This way, they will know the foods that they are going to consume. Children should have a balanced diet and always encourage them to practice exercise. In CINATUR, as fruit and vegetable producers, we promote food education for everybody.

Don’t forget the importance of eating these foods for your health!

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