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Feria de Madrid hosted from October 18 to 20 the event called Fruit Attraction 2017, in which CINATUR participated, like in previous years. This edition was a success, it hosted a total of 1,500 companies from the fruit and vegetable sector that came from 33 countries, representing a 20% increase of the total participation. The stand of CINATUR, as a company of production and distribution of fruits and vegetables, was in the event to attend to the demands of the visitors.

This year, the event wanted to convey the latest products and processes in the horticultural sector. Once again, in the event we could see the exhibition space called Pasarela Innova, which showed some of the new varieties of fruit and vegetables as well as new developments in the industry, crops and production systems.

In CINATUR, like in previous years, we designed a mainly informative stand with our visible corporate identity to attract visitors interested in fruit distribution and vegetable distribution. As oranges exporters and producers, we wanted to show the different varieties that we commercialize, with demonstrations and product tastings. In addition, we are continuously innovating in our production systems, keeping in mind the advances of the industry to offer the best final product to our consumer.

The main goal of Fruit Attraction 2017 is and will be to promote the worldwide commercialization of horticultural products, as this market presents a continuous increase. This year we could see several countries represented in the event, the already well-known Europeans like France, Italy, Portugal and Holland and other new ones like Afghanistan, Colombia, Greece, Israel, Senegal and South Africa. Regarding the national representation, all the autonomous communities were present, denoting the importance of the sector and the Spanish horticultural market in the world. The event also provided some economic data of general interest regarding our country. In 2017, Spain represented a 63% of the final vegetable production (including the cereal and olive sectors).

The Spanish fresh fruit and vegetable production this year 2017 is 27.8 million tons, of which 54% corresponds to vegetables, 38% to fruits and 8% to potatoes. Approximately 60% of the production is dedicated to exports and the rest to domestic consumption. Regarding the Spanish export of fruits and vegetables, up to July 2017, it grew by 2% in volume and 5% in value. The vegetable exports, until July, stood at 3.2 million tons. Fruit exports in the first seven months of the year grew by 7% in volume and 4% in value.

At CINATUR we can say that, one more year, Fruit Attraction 2017 has been a success for distributors of fruits and vegetables. This appointment will always be a worldwide reference of the sector and an opportunity to open the market and know the most relevant data of the sector.
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