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Are you the type of person that right after coming back from the supermarket, unconsciously, or consciously to cool down the products, you put all the fruits and vegetables that you have just bought in the refrigerator? Many consumers commit this very common mistake.

There are certain fruits and vegetables that have to be maintained in the same condition in which you find them in the supermarket. In CINATUR we make it very clear, not only because of our experience as distributors of fruits and vegetables, but because we faithfully support a sustainable diet, a diet in which you consume everything that you buy and nothing goes to waste. For it, we must know the most infallible tricks in order to preserve the fruits and vegetables in our home.

Some simple tricks that you must follow to improve the conservation of fruits and vegetables and that we want to share with you from CINATUR are the following ones:

  • Fruits and vegetables must never be saved together. Because each have different times of ripeness, if they remain in the same site, they can manage to go rotten before the due date.
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables before saving them. It is important to eliminate possible remains of dirt so that the product remains in better conditions and do not infect other fruits or vegetables.
  • Choose to freeze the product before it goes rotten. If you have not calculated well at the moment of buying it is better to freeze it, although it loses properties.
  • Certain products that exist are very sensitive to the changes of temperature and especially to the bacteria that are stored in the refrigerator. The tomatoes are a clear example. The dampness of the interior provokes an alteration of the flavor and turns them softer.
  • The watermelon is a fruit that the cold of the refrigerator affects its antioxidant properties, the carotenoids.

With these advices, the fruits and vegetables that you eat will be in perfect conditions and maintaining 100% of its flavor. In CINATUR we are suppliers of fruits and suppliers of vegetable and in our production system we follow these advices.

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