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Soil is the primary basis of a healthy agricultural crop. If preserved correctly, we will protect the growing of fruits and vegetables. A healthy soil must meet many requirements, such as the correct storage and filtration of water, the supply of essential nutrients or the provision of sufficient oxygen for a good growth.

What do the soils of our region represent and on which we depend so much to feed ourselves?

In the first place, healthy soil is the key to producing healthy food, which accounts for a quarter of the Earth’s biodiversity, helps prevent climate change and, lastly, is a non-renewable resource, therefore we must treat it in an intelligent and careful way.

At CINATUR we are concerned about this valuable resource, so much that our production and distribution of fruits and vegetables meet the necessary requirements of respect and care of the environment. Keeping a healthy soil is our daily task and in our daily job we do our best to maintain the organisms it provides us with measures that help our agriculture. There are different types of soil depending on the mixture of minerals that contribute and that determine the best or worse development of the agricultural crops. Here’s the difference between some of them:

  • Clay soil: this soil is complicated for cultivation, due to the difficulty of water drainage, but it provides many nutrients very beneficial for the production of vegetables and fruits, but especially for fruit trees.
  • Muddy soil: they are simple soils and they provide many nutrients. They are more common in gardens since it favors the drainage and fertilizer of the same.
  • Calcareous soil: they are stony soils and with an easy drainage. It is alkaline and therefore difficult the first crops. This soil requires extra care to balance the nutrients with fertilizers and special additives. It works very good in the production of fruits.

There is a wide variety of soils, each suitable for certain crops. But they all agree on the same, they are an essential resource to offer a healthy diet. In CINATUR we take care of our soils, since our mission is to be fruits and vegetables suppliers of quality.

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