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It is still melon season, and this fruit is one of the sweetest and juiciest, as well as tasty. Its high-water content makes it ideal to include in a low-calorie diet. In the Mediterranean diet it is an essential food and it is widely used in various salty dishes such as salads or creams. In CINATUR we take care of the seasonal fruit production, the perfect way to introduce them in menus due to its low price. In addition, Spain is the main producer of melon in Europe. Valencia, in particular, is one of the cities where this exquisite summer fruit is cultivated the most thanks to its climate. The melon has more than 100 varieties, although the ones that are sold the most and those that we distribute in CINATUR are the melon gala, frog skin, yellow and cantaloup. Each variety has a different flavor that makes it unique and they all share the juiciness and sweetness.

Melon properties

Melons are very rich in vitamins A and C, as well as minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. It only contains about 340 calories per kilo thanks to its high-water content. The melon has a diuretic effect very beneficial for our health, it is also an ideal food to consume everyday as a snack or to charge you with energy at breakfast time.

Melon growing time

The melon starts to grow on March or April depending on the variety. The yellow melon variety starts growing the latest. Its harvesting ends in September. We are expert fruit suppliers, and we recommend consuming this food during its season and when it acquires an optimum degree of maturity. This way we make sure to get the best sweet taste of the melon.

The star recipe of CINATUR

The melon is ideal to consume as a starter, in cream or in salads. The recipe that we propose in this article is perfect to sweeten the menu on the first course. Melon and ham makis are easy to make and very healthy. For this recipe you will need 4 slices of Iberian ham, 1 slice of melon and sushi rice. This last ingredient should be prepared through a procedure to make it sticky.

We start by putting 2 slices of ham on the mat, spread the rice on them and add strips of melon without seeds. We roll up everything with a bit of pressure and we cut it into equal portions. Delicious! A seasonal fruit exporter such us CINATUR offers the best product to the final consumer. Our fruits and vegetables are carefully chosen for its distribution and subsequent commercialization. Discover more about us in our webpage.

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