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Summer is a season characterized by long and hot days in which you need enough water and essential nutrients to keep you hydrated and energized. It is very important to be clear about which foods should be included in your shopping list and what preparation is the most appropriate, so in CINATUR we give you these 6 tips for having a healthy and balanced diet in summer.

According to WHO, a healthy and balanced diet is one that contains mostly fruits and vegetables, consuming at least 5 pieces a day and reducing fat consumption to less than 30% of the total daily calories.

In CINATUR we take care of the production and distribution off fruits and vegetables, so we attach great importance to distribute quality products to promote balanced diets among our consumers. Here are some tips for not falling behind in the daily intake of nutrients needed in summer:

  1. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables first: when these foods are in season, it is the more flavor they have and the more benefits they bring. Many fruits whose season is in summer are high in water and are ideal for dessert or integrate into main dishes.
  2. Give priority to dishes with a simple preparation: salads, creams or gazpacho are easy to prepare dishes and with a wide range of options when choosing ingredients. In these dishes, you can include both vegetables and fresh fruits, so they are high in vitamins and minerals. In addition, you can include other ingredients such as nuts or legumes that will complete the dish and make it very cool.
  3. Low fat meats: on hot summer days, it is best to eat lean meats such as chicken, turkey or veal. This type of meat contributes a high content in protein, but also in vitamins and minerals, necessary to stay hydrated and with energy. These meats can be eaten both cold if you include them in salads or hot, if it is made to the barbecue or roasts.
  4. It is fundamental to eat fish: now, the seasonal fish are usually blue, such as sardines, tuna or bonito. Fish provides a high content of protein, phosphorus and iodine, as well as fatty acids and Omega 3. They are ideal for grilling or include them in salads that we like.
  5. Do not forget cereals and legumes: as has been commented recently, if you accompany all your dishes with bread, the best option is to choose an integral, as it provides more fiber and minerals than white. Legumes are ideal to include in cold in your salads, such as white beans or chickpeas. They provide a lot of fiber and especially vegetable protein.
  6. Lastly, do not forget the water: at least drink two liters of water a day or a couple of glasses with each meal you make. The ideal is to drink cold water or time, but you can also drink tea or teas to give it more flavor.

With these tips, your diet will be the most balanced and healthy. The export of fruits and vegetables of CINATUR is of quality, to have a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients.

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