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Summer is the perfect time to eat fresh and light products, and fruit and vegetables are the best option, especially lettuce. This vegetable is perfect to keep you hydrated on the hottest days of the year thanks to its high-water content and it is also the star ingredient in salads.

The Mediterranean Diet is very rich and offers us several dishes that provide all the nutrients we need to overcome the hot summer. The salads along with its fundamental ingredient, the lettuce, is one of them and can be mixed with fruits, seeds, nuts, other vegetables and even legumes.

In CINATUR we take care of the seasonal vegetable production to offer always the freshest products to consumers. Iceberg lettuce is one of the vegetables we work with and we encourage its consumption during the hottest months of the year.

Properties of the iceberg lettuce

As vegetable exporters, in CINATUR we encourage its consumption and especially the varieties that may exist of each one. Iceberg lettuce is a variety that also offers a high content of essential nutrients, although the amount is less than other types that have a greener leaf. Consuming two cups of this lettuce, it contributes a total of four grams of carbohydrates and almost two grams of fiber.

In addition, it has a high content of water that helps hydrate the body. Among the vitamins that can be found in this vegetable, you can find vitamin K, which helps the bone´s health and reduces the risk of suffering from osteoporosis. Vitamin A is another beneficial substance found in iceberg lettuce and improves the skin´s health. Folic acid is also present in this vegetable and in many others and is very necessary especially for pregnant women.

Iceberg lettuce´s growing period

The best time to eat this variety of lettuce, as we mentioned before, is in the hottest months and when it is in season. In CINATUR  we grow this vegetable from the month of October to May or June, so it is a perfect food to consume in spring and early summer. It is very important to know the vegetable distribution and the season they grow to obtain a product with a high quality.

Ideas for CINATUR’s recipes

Iceberg lettuce is the star ingredient in salads and as experts in the production and distribution of fruits and vegetables we encourage their consumption. One of our favorite recipes for the summer is a refreshing salad that combines several types of lettuce, including the iceberg variety cut into thin strips, arugula to give it a more bitter taste and oak leaf to add flavor. To this mixture we must add several types of seasonal fruits, such as kiwi and apple that will give a sweet touch and provide many vitamins. Finally include bean sprouts, chopped nuts and a dressing made with olive oil, lemon, soft vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.

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